18 year old high school students to identify leukemia neighborhood donated 37,000 a day

(Original title: 500 neighborhood donated 37,000 a day)

Yesterday, the XI ‘ an bridge village neighborhood of the new raising money for sick students Zhang Boyang

Inventory donations

18 years old high school student Zhang Boyang, supposed to be busy getting the final sprint for the college entrance examination. However, a sudden disaster, crushed by the sunshine boys are preparing for the college entrance examination – exception occurred on April 4, he died, and was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. “Baby we watched growing up, is loved by children in the village, how do we leave it! “Yesterday at 9 o’clock in the morning, XI ‘ an bridge new village, young and old as Zhang Boyang in the community supports charity donation box, to help him raise treatment fees.

End Arts test detect leukemia

“My computer is broken, or is beyond repair. “Liu Boyang is the Community Hall and his family used to live in weiyang district, Zhang Jia Zhuang, 81st, when village elders are now fetch, we lived in the same neighborhood, new community District 4. Liu Boyang was walking with you when I grow up close, “his computer, whose computer has a problem, before asking him to look at. “At 6 o’clock in the afternoon yesterday in the new community, a person familiar with Mr Liu Boyang told reporters, community neighbors said he only yesterday morning heard the news was particularly bad.

Finish has just arts courses, also reached a certain score, just waiting to review the college entrance exam, but now found such a serious disease, had a feeling the end. Xindian village Party Secretary Chen Jili told reporters, Zhang Boyang to living with their parents and grandparents, source of daily life is supported by meager income working parents, to send their children to school, family life is very short.

In late March, Zhang Boyang always feeling weak, beginning of April to the xijing hospital and diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. Yesterday afternoon, the 42-year old Zhang Jianbin outside the xijing hospital Hematology Ward, bury sighed: “If change is good, preferring to lay down their own. “Said Zhang Jianbin, Zhang Boyang was the only son of the family, to have happened, did not know how the days ahead.

From 5 to 1 to 100 love together

Yesterday at about 9 o’clock in the morning, in the new community, looping villager Zhang Jianbin 18 year old son Zhang Boyang suddenly of leukemia in need of loving help content. Also posted on the community side, Zhang Jianbin application for relief to civil affairs departments, son of Zhang Boyang photos, as well as the xijing hospital, medical certificate. Among them, a picture of the new village “fundraising initiative”, the reporter saw Zhang Boyang, 33, studied at the XI ‘ an high school senior, and excellent grades, like computer programming and production, has won national and provincial middle and small computer-generated activities and second prize.

Community square, a half-meter-high “collection boxes” are crowded, with Zhang Boyang of community radio broadcast personal information from time to time with community contributions, young and old. “Children see, I do not know him, nor seen. “Holding a child one hand from his pocket 100, says Ms Wang, she is the community’s households, while Zhang Boyang not seen, but seeing the child’s condition, she cannot go unanswered.

Treatment to three thousand or four thousand Yuan a day now, said Zhang Boyang mother, analysis, early treatment of nearly 100,000 yuan, according to the illness may be more. This reporter learned from the village Committee and village Committee will launch a villager Zhang Boyang a week of love donation. Yesterday evening at 7 o’clock, new community “collection boxes” under the villagers ‘ testimony was opened, donated nearly 500 people, after inventory amounted to 37027.5 Yuan, from 5 to 1 to 50, 100…… “door child encounters snag, the help. “The villagers said.

“Thanks for the help and care about my uncle aunt, to overcome the disease, I have faith. “Lying on her deathbed, Zhang Boyang meet don’t know that community neighborhood helping him, he let mother dialed the call of community village Committee staff, to express his appreciation. Meanwhile, Zhang Boyang also said over the phone: “undergraduate line in my art class, would also like to take the college entrance examination. ”

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