15 year old girl to lure man blackmailed out of reported rape

Taihai NET on May 18, “I was extortion! “The afternoon of May 15, the municipal Public Security Bureau in Zhangzhou, Fujian longwen branch received a 26 years old boy Chen alarm. But the same day, the Dragon case Public Security Bureau received a 15 year old girl was raped, and Chen is a suspect in the case. What’s going on?

Teenage Wu retained “rape” evidence, longwen Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Brigade is not easy to judge whether, after some investigation, it found the case a rat.

It turns out that the early morning of May 15, Wu (female, 15 years old, a Guizhou) use “nearby people” about Chen comes out to drink. Wu pretended to be drunk after drinking, Chen looked at, and intends to take her to the Open House, during which Wu pretended to be half-hearted. Later, Chen opened out, then drove Wu Yun Dong Rock Hill, longwen district, had sexual relations in the car.

Meanwhile, Wu to send text messages to friends for help, saying she had been raped. Soon, Wu’s friends Lin, Ran Mou, Liu, Wang, a 4-man (both Chongqing) rushed to the cave rock, and took control of Chen.

Subsequently, the 4 friends, someone reprimanded Chen raping underage girls, to activate the alarm, was also advised Chen to pay privately. At that time, Wu’s friend and no police on the spot, but left Chen and Chen to Longhai, a farm on the Hill, forcing Chen to write down amount is 50,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan, the three Zhang ious, to 130,000 yuan Chen extortion.

Since then, Wu and others due to improper operation, the car had a little accident, Chen reported to the insurance. Insurance agent was told Chen it was extortion, based on insurance claims need to be made, with Chen to leave the scene.

Then appear above the respective alarm scene. However, after Mo Pai surveys long Wen found that is organized, play with the design of “extortion case of rape”, was an upgraded version of “fairy dance”, and this kind of story, Wu, who has staged many times in Jinjiang, Quanzhou, and other places.

On May 16, longwen police combat 24 consecutive hours, and Longhai, Quanzhou and quickly cracked “fairy dance” for the case of robbery, extortion, illegal detention and arrested Lin, Wu and other 5 suspects. Is more stunned is, upon checking found that Wu has been pregnant, but the child’s father is unknown.

At present, the case is still under further investigation.

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