14 year old girl and second child younger brother Rob’s property: junior transfer my name

Original title: 14 year old girl and second child younger brother Rob’s property: junior transfer my name

According to the Beijing evening news, from Shandong’s Liu told reporters, her 14 year old daughter tells her, that might later be inheritance tax, than put Grandma and Grandma’s house ownership and brother to her name, she wants Grandma’s junior year, Grandma’s two-bedroom apartment to his brother. Users see this scene, could not help gasped, “it’s going to be next Deng!”

14-year old daughter in a school in the West on the second day. As a child, Liu and his wife has just left Beijing shortly, is busy working on Grandma’s child to Taian, Shandong province. Until elementary school, only reached Beijing. “At first, we only catch children, children and we are not particularly close, just better in recent years, but since there was a second last year, and aloof, she entered puberty, lots of ideas that we don’t understand. “Liu mentioned it’s scratching their head.

In a chat, the daughter began to tell her mother, junior transfer road asked mother to grandmother’s House in his name, and transfer of ownership of my grandmother’s two-bedroom for her brother. Not only does this make the child’s mother is shocked onlookers netizens also said, “now kids, Oh, how wonderful! is so small, you know so much!”, “this brother and sister do you have any feelings whatsoever? only cares about the money?”, “this is the next Deng!”

But there are also netizens who expressed their understanding, “this may be the parents haven’t leveled for a bowl of water”, “the child appears to be lack of love, insecure!”, “parents don’t have to make an introspection of education for children?” and “no problems, but this is a family tragedy. ”

For this phenomenon some netizens expressed, this is a case, not enough to cause great concern, but also the Netizen said “this is not the case, there is a 18 year old boy before because the mother gave birth to a second child, determined to parents the transfer House, don’t want to have a second child, the outcome is that the parents aren’t having a second child. ”

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