10-year old brother to steal cigarettes 26 year old sister bundle “education” his death

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) 16th from Qingtian County, Lishui city, Zhejiang Province people’s Court was informed that the Institute publicly dealt with 1 case of negligence causing death. In this case, because the mother sick in bed for a long time, he is busy means no time control women 26 years old sister stone of the mother’s role of a punishment for stealing cigarettes Err 10-year old brother Huang Xiao, bundling “education” 3 hour eventually killed brother.

Shi family is a family where a victim Huang Xiao Huang is the father of Qingtian County people, his wife left him early and child small yellow one. In 2012, Huang met Shi’s mother Chen, Chen due was widowed early singles, two quickly walked in together. Stone is Qing Tian who was born in 1992, with a drug record, Mother Chen suffered from illnesses and has been in bed, home size things are basically yellow and stone care, who also runs a food shop downstairs at home together.

Huang Xiao a naughty by nature, petty theft habit, often steal things at home, their parents don’t understand how educated, often caught yellow-small is a beating.

August 21, 2016, the day of the murder, yellow cigarettes shop small stole home, his father and stepmother was so angry that he questioned cigarettes go, but the stubborn yellow small refused to say where. That morning, Huang, pick up the bamboo kids meal and bundled it home in a four on the floor of an indoor walkway. Before long yellow small then begs for mercy, Hwang a soft heart to untie her son.

After lunch that day, stone asked where Huang Xiao a cigarette again, yellow small refused to speak the truth, the stone should have a good education to the children, gave a small yellow led upstairs, with a rope tied around the neck binding way brother at home in the four-floor outdoor terrace window.

Day of hot weather, maximum temperature of 38 degrees Celsius. While a bundled yellow small downstairs after a busy themselves, during which Huang asked that after going to see his son, stone said, no one is allowed to unleash yellow small, “softened after child begging for mercy, he will certainly make, that is a small people at the top still is the best way.” Stone said Hwang did not adhere to go upstairs to see his son.

Until day 17 o’clock, stone a upstairs from debris between Windows to outside see, didn’t see yellow small a of head, vaguely feel not, out of a see, found yellow small a by in Windows following of wall Shang, whole people crooked with, butt didn’t with to, left feet stuck in window Xia of a pump following, stone a put Huang Xiaomou pulled out Hou, regardless of how called, yellow small a are has didn’t reaction.

After hospital treatment, but confirmed by doctors, small yellow one long dead.

Huang Xiao died later, Hwang heartbroken, sick in bed a mother Chen when he heard news of the stone, worrying that his daughter will be severely punished, condition worsens, which died not long after the crime was committed.

Date of the trial, the Court is not pronouncing, and said it would choose a sentencing date.

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