10.03 million award to someone else! Annual salary of 60,000 Guy: innocent man

On May 11, a Ningbo guy whom was entrusted to buy “shuangse Qiu” lottery. Unexpected overnight, this 10.039 million yuan in Lottery Grand Prize! According to the legal regulations, lottery ticket bearer is not immediately. In practice, lottery tickets lottery. That is, the lottery in the man’s hand, who will be able to award! Hands the ticket to buy, and what was the choice?

On May 12, a pair of young age appearing in Ningbo Center room contest. Ding said he is “shuangse Qiu” No. 2017054 millions jackpot winners.

However, his Awards, thanks to small pieces. “I know that the lottery secret, do not report the loss, if he wanted to, this award is not my thing. “Small mouth” he “is a contest short.

Grand Prize winner is selected, no?

“I shuangse Qiu second prize”

Short after graduating from University, gave up the original professional for better prospects, through the Internet to the inauguration of the Ningbo company now. Entry period, the company assigned Ding (‘s the Grand-Prize winner) with a small segment are familiar with all aspects of its work.

Because the two people the same age as like-minded and soon became friends. Being a lottery “older drivers”, Ding time to short “harness” short also contacted “shuangse Qiu”. “I bought ‘ shuangse Qiu ‘ hopes of a Grand Prize, in Ningbo, buying a House a home. “Short to the point about the purpose of their own color, and making fun of Ding:” his old driver instability, he recommended number ‘ rollover ‘, and now I choose 4, by sheer luck. ”

Welfare Lottery “older drivers” pick technology really so bad? Short leg, Ding select previous “record” to his name. “In addition to do this award, but I have also 1 second prize of note in June 2013. “Ding recalled, second prize in the numbers and do the lottery numbers are very close, only difference is that blue ball number is different and less a red ball” 10 “.

Well, this is small when the second number –

Ding said he liked “shuangse Qiu” game, each will buy a ticket for the ‘9+1’ complex. Since 4 years ago “shuangse Qiu” after the second, he followed the red ball was in the set of winning numbers, while the basketball movement number adjust.

The lottery numbers on here-

Received a phone call early in the morning came up?

“I work overtime yesterday until 3 o’clock in the morning you don’t fool me”

This time chose to buy “8+1” double votes, because I wanted to buy a lottery ticket that day, Ding only 60 bucks in change.

In recent times, Ding’s Group received a new project, in order to catch food and shelter in the unit, the previous “shuangse Qiu” have commissioned a little to buy. On May 11, Ding discovered loose change left in the 60, want to bank card but no money, little may have been waiting in the lottery to sell, he had to get rid of the red ball “10”, “02,03,09,18,23,28,30,33. 08 “this string of numbers and 56 Yuan to short, and soon little pictures sent a ticket.

Receive photos, Ding turned around and continued to work until 3 o’clock in the morning the next day to rest. “The next morning I sleep daze, short call and ask, seeing no, I said no, and he said I won 10 million. “Short remarks to Ding instantly awake, when he involuntarily glanced at his watch, ages only one sentence:” I work overtime yesterday to 3 points, you cannot fool me early in the morning! ”

Believe it or not, but after hanging up the phone, Ding or Internet query “shuangse Qiu” No. 2017054 lottery numbers, found the note number, if the jackpot! Before long, short and made a phone call, and said they were on my way to the company, the company handed him the winning ticket.

Ever thought of appropriation of lottery?

“My parents taught me to be innocent man”

An hour later, short really took this winning tickets to the Ding, Ding was touched immediately pulled a small contest.

“The lottery ticket in your hand, you have no idea? “In the face of questions of staff, little smile, replied:” no it is impossible, but my parents taught me to clean life, not what I can’t have. ”

Completing cash handling in small bathroom space, simply to small small small section of staff, “limited”, “no House, no car,” “monthly income is around 5000”, “usually very saving”, and filled with emotion.

When the hard realities and be able to change the fate of thousands of awards at the intersection, little chose to follow their own heart and comply with small values of faith, action and wrote “the innocent man” words.

Face to Face

Buy more and more

“Delegate” two words is important

Well, turn to reporters said that hopes to attract buyer attention by the way.

Then, due to now betting Lottery must be entity sites, such as Ding and busy work life, cannot betting punters more and more often. Thus, commissioned by friends, purchase lottery or betting sales personnel is increasing. Although the current reporters see very touching faith story, but hidden risks are great. Also, did occur in the past to buy the lottery does not admit cases last winners reported to police a lot of trouble.

Reporters specially consulted, Hangzhou Normal University law school Associate Professor Zhang guohua, Zhejiang GML law firm lawyers.

Read reporter forwarded xiaoding and little chat screenshots, lawyers said, if really want to “ignorant” this ticket, small Ding on the basis of the existing capture probability of going back to the bonus, like 51%.

Chat may be established for the Agency to buy the contract, provided that principal to clear each other to buy a lottery ticket-or, can also be interpreted as the other party, you give me some money so I try it!

Of course, if the two sides have been Exchange evidence, dealing with previous purchase, even if not specifically made it clear that this time, also can be commissioned to buy–but if you change your mobile phone, empty chat, the evidence may no Oh!

Therefore, the lawyers said, commissioned to buy a lottery ticket this thing, if not clear, explaining it so flexible, in case of dispute or to let the police let the judges involved. The safe side, transfer money, remember to say one more thing: “*** you help me buy a lottery ticket, transfer money to you.” In this way, “as long as the other collections action occurs later in this sentence, and no other form of indication to the contrary, found that the Commission’s possibilities closer to 100%. “Lawyers remind you that the key to speak a few words, being lazy is not a good habit!

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