Old man mountain in the bloody boar 8 hours passing out 3 hacked to death after

And wild boar shopping scene with bushes

Boar was killed by old man

Deng Guangyuan to identify where fights with wild boar

Old black and blue


10 days ago, who lives in guiding County of Deng Guangyuan Dong Xiang Ma Wo Village in Highland village groups the elderly, after a thrilling encounter-the mountain in the village in the jungle, a wild boar suddenly came toward him.

Before the death, the old man and the wild boar tenacious fight for nearly 8 hours, was in a coma three times during each bites by wild boars.

Eventually, the 63-year old, used up the last efforts to free boar uniforms and hacked to death.

Later, villagers boar PackMan found that wild boar weighs more than 120 kilograms.

But man was wild boar biting black and blue, scars on the hands, face, head, is not hard to imagine old man with wild boar beats the tragic scene.

A: Bush attacked the elderly fight wild boars

“I didn’t even react, a shadow in the face came to me”

About encounter wild boars after, old men lingering fear.

Deng old memories, on March 12 evening, he took the Hound, to about 1 mile away from the home mountain of cattle in the jungle home, when walking through the scrubby jungle when walking in front of the hounds suddenly screaming in a loud, jump and flee.

“Is something I didn’t even knew, a shadow in the face came to me. “The old man said with a shiver, he unconsciously emergency hand blocked. At this time, he discovered that attacked him was a wild boar.

Boar mouth bites his right thumb did not let go, he endured the terrible pain, take advantage of free left hand, taking on lower back’s hatchet and began slashing the boar’s head.

After being wounded wild boar songzui madly back: looked at the old man’s ears, paws grubbing in the head.

“I think, without struggling with wild boar fight, I could have been alive and killed the boar. “Deng said that during the fight with the wild boar, the hatchet in his hand once and dropped to the ground. So he grabbed a piece of stick on the ground, his left hand holding wild boar’s head, kept hitting.

Two: he was unconscious during the fight three times

“I had only one thought, not that wild boar to die, I die”

Deng said he was with wild boar tore wild boar attacks him, scream shout voice resounded through the Valley.

“I had only one thought, if not shopping, not that wild boar to die, I die. “The old man said, so he and pig-gunda, struggled before and after about 2 hours, both sides are gradually weakening.

“But I did not flinch and wild boar. “The old man said, he always caught the wild boar mane, and the wild boar dying bite his clothes. At this point, his whole face and head have been bloodied.

Said the old man, when it happened, the day has done, he struggled and pig-very dark for a few hours later, it was completely dark.

It is understood that because old Deng Guangyuan was neither led flashlight, didn’t carry a cell phone, so the exact time he was not aware of. However, he based it was judged, at that time should be between 18:30 to 19:00.

Old man, during the fighting, before and after he was in a coma three times, but each time he wakes up, terrible pain made his instinct for survival increase.

III: Battle of the eight-hour boar was eventually hacked to death

“When they finally woke up, I found myself on the boar’s belly”

“Woke up for the last time, I found myself on wild boar belly, boar’s mouth kept nagging me about dress collar. “The old man said, when wild pigs still cries every now and then, but the sound has been significantly weakened. Apparently, wild boar have also been hard hit.

By Moonlight, the old man on the ground with his hands groped hatchet, fight with all his strength to the boar’s head cut off, only to hear wild boars after a low howling sound, will not move.

Now, covered in blood, cold and hungry old Deng Guangyuan struggled to sit up. After a short rest, walked home old man stumbled.

According to the old man’s wife recalls that night, love failed to return home, she thought it was going to visit relatives, so no seriously. Until the late-night knock on the door, only to find that his wife was stained with blood, wounds on the head and up to 4 cm, right Auricula, full of scars on the face, hands, clothes worn by the pigs into the cloth.

It is reported that Deng Guangyuan old man’s three sons were working outside, usually only 90 years old and my wife and I live together.

Deng said that when he returned home, chickens crowing, because of pain, he went to bed, about an hour later, day light. Old man said later, by this measure, from the beginning to the cut the boar wild boar beats and he died, fighting before and after the time of not less than 8 hours.

After daybreak, neighbors learned that the old man’s face, quickly called the 120 first-aid cars home, the old man to the hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, villagers on the village based on clues from Deng, who carried the boar was killed down. After measuring, this boar weight about 120 pounds. Deng family’s economic situation is not good, Zhai o proposed that the wild boar was sold to old Deng’s medical expenses.

Four: the scene of wild boar infested

“I saw three boars, wanton waste crops”

Guiding County of Dongxiang guiding County is located in the outskirts of the city, rushed to the elderly Deng Guangyuan County village, just 10 minutes ‘ drive.

Along the way, reporters found that the roads are all thick bushes, reporters accompanying guiding County sound was accompanied by Zhai village Rogatsy said that the national policy of returning farmland to forests, as the majority of rural vegetation recovered well, infested with wild boar are common.

Deng Guangyuan rolling hills of elderly people at the foot of, is the jungle behind the House. Yesterday, the elderly regardless of their own pain, insist took reporters to the site.

Reporters found that this is a slope of about 45 degrees, the entire ravine is the bushes, walk to the bottom, mostly bent body can not get stabbed tent, where fought in the old man and the wild boar has been rolling out a dustpan Wo Dang.

Deng Guangyuan said the old man, as early as three years ago, he has seen three wild boar a companion, appear with impunity in their own fields.

Wild boar

The villagers how to prevent?

“Positive encounter wild boars, best keep still, not to provoke”

“No propaganda on the Government departments went to the village to capture wild boar, wild boar, would harm crops. “Rogatsy said, I hope the relevant authorities can pay attention to, on the one hand protect the crops, but also to ecosystem balance.

It is learned that the wild boar is not wildlife under special State protection, but has been included in the National Forestry Bureau released on August 1, 2000, the State protection of useful or important economic or scientific value of directory of terrestrial wildlife are subject to the same protection under the Wildlife Protection Act.

However, the forestry sector suggested, wild boar are protected, but when it becomes a scourge, is the law reasonable hunting. Can be tailored to specific hazards of County Government, forestry departments at and above the county level reported hunting plans, charring reasonable hunting, but not prohibited by the State arms and tools, such as electric, poison, etc.

How to guard against wild boars attack? Qiannan outdoor Mountaineering Association said Alice Chen Longpei, wild boars generally do not attack humans. When villagers meet in the wild boar, and best still, much less provocation. Villagers or Alice go out front when you encounter wild boars, in time to escape, it is best to look in other directions, to deviate from wild boar before the front left or right eye point of view, then zigzag back away slowly.

Reporter Zhang Rendong

Women journalists in Inner Mongolia were disclosed details of the domestic violence death to death the previous day were also

Concerned female journalists have been lethal domestic violence case in Inner Mongolia, March 20 in Inner Mongolia Erdos intermediate people’s Court held a public sentencing, Jin Zhu was sentenced to death with a two-year implementation of the accused. Courtroom video released for the first time, the deaths caused by the domestic violence cases many of the details are disclosed.

Trial judge: Jin Zhu and she married the defendant due to alcohol abuse, time and again, she carried out domestic violence, aggravated crime, cruelty and harm to society and should be punished.

Defendant, Jin Zhu: I’m sorry for her, I do now I don’t know, I’m such a result, their children, and, after all, our two kids, one is my wife and one for my own children, I want her.

Families seemingly happy actually the violent

He miss his wife and is killed under his right hand. Back a year ago, Jin Zhu is a civil servant of the Erdos hangjin County work safety supervision Bureau, she is a reporter for hangjin County radio and television center. Son, James elementary school in grade five. The outsider a wonderful family, but when Jin Zhu raised his fist and broken.

Foundation cover the scars to hide by domestic violence

On April 6, 2016, the day of the murder, at eight in the morning, victims she went to her sister’s House. Sister MUI’s mental state is not so good at that time, she was also sensitive to, sister while painting the makeup, but didn’t cover the scar on his face.

Armey explained before the start of a night without rest, to her sister’s help leave, but sister always felt she had something to conceal, repeatedly pressed, ameicai spoke the truth.

May had a sister: the guy (Jin Zhu) again last night, the night, it hit me last night.

Going out to dinner was beaten son scared

On April 5, the night the day before the incident, she go out to dinner with colleagues and discuss a news topic, after which she took a taxi home, saw her husband Jin Zhu is already waiting at the door.

May had a father: May 9 points less than about 10 o’clock to talk this thing out, she also knew that this guy (Jin Zhu) not too late, hurried back. Not down, dragged on into his car, trying to shut the door.

May had a father: he is stingy, really small, she cannot drink with students, sharing a meal, not with my colleagues and party, that’s it.

When this happens, two lesser son just woke up to go to the bathroom, he heard voices outside and ran out and saw dad beat MOM scene.

Lesser and aunt said afterwards that night at the door to see this scene in the car was a bit scared, he dressed only in pajamas and even a little quiver, then ran back to the bedroom. To 12 midnight, and lesser heard the sound of MOM and dad walk in the door, then had a falling out, feeling sleepy but lesser hits, asleep in a daze. Next door neighbor heard a MUI unusual movement at home.

May had a father: a neighborhood in the West, neighbors said, and both of them fight it to the three o’clock the night sounds.

Told through the family, we know that Armey on April 5 when going through a severe domestic violence, then what is the reason that domestic violence escalated once again, tragedy that evolved into April 6 AH unfortunately die?

Not pick my son up from school his family felt ominous

According to MUI’s son lesser recalled the morning of April 6, because MOM and dad the day before the fight he did not rest, so he didn’t go to school. More than one o’clock in the afternoon the same day, he was father to the school. Seven o’clock, lesser parents didn’t pick him up after school, from school to the grandparents home.

May had a sister: into the House saying my mother? We say you MOM to pick you up? He said that no, nobody to pick up. I’ll wait for a long time, who would have to pick up, I ran in front of his house.

Lesser ran back to his house, saw the door was locked from the inside, so I jumped on the fence and looked home to, and did not see the figure of father and mother through an open window on the second floor, he heard a voice inside.

May had a sister: did not see anything, just open a window, is heard, heard his father yelling to his mother’s name, did not respond to his mother, he ran at my mother in their home

After hearing the description of the lesser, family members feel that the situation is not good, hurried to Armey’s home. 7:20, family members rushed to Armey’s House. See an ambulance in front of her house and into the room, sees the doctor being lifted onto the bed she lies on the ground to rescue.

Home is a mess of victims face deformation

Armey’s sister recalls, my sister’s family is usually very clean and tidy, but the April 6 accident that night, Armey’s bedroom is a mess, casual shoes and blankets and other items on the floor.

May had a sister: (Jin Zhu) sputtered, she’s still a good, how’s it going? Or he’ll say, I just fell asleep on the first floor, I got nothing.

No one would, Ah sister found the doctor stopped the action, no longer rescue sister.

May had a sister: I began to ask, why don’t you rescue it? They said come in, we have had nothing of the pupil of the eye, and I knew my sister had already gone. I cried and cried out, feeling her hand and touched her feet already ice cold.

Subsequently, the ambulance vehicle security to call 110, hangjin County Police 110 command center after the alarm, rushed to the scene to Jin Zhu away.

Jin Zhu of the party, was arrested by the police after the incident, on December 20, 2016, in Ordos city people’s Court heard the case, through investigation and prosecution departments Golden column statement, after more clearly present when the crime was committed.

Dissatisfied wives to socialize at home alone drinking

According to the survey, the afternoon of April 5, 2016 after work, Jin Zhu of the accused because she went out to socialize and discontented. Starting from 9 o’clock in the evening, accused Jin Zhu drinking at home, call several times during Armey, Armey’s cell phone had been turned off.

11:30, defendant, Jin Zhu see she is still not home, decided to drive out to find her, when you drive to the area near the pond just in time to see Armey down from the cab.

Slapped on kick the bus continued beating

Jin Zhu confessions, in the district near the pond, called Armey a few ears to Armey fell, and kick a few feet. Jin Zhu after she helped to continued beating on the car.

Defendant, Jin Zhu: cars in the US after last after the car she was sitting in the back seat of the car, then when fighting fire, when she also debate on these matters, I would debate, and I’m going to touch her on the window.

Finished Golden column on implementation in the car of the accused after the beating, they return home continue to quarrel. Which is when neighbors in the morning, heard from Jin Zhu Brawl. Based on testimony from lesser, the morning of April 6, he found his mother’s body is hurt.

Prosecutor: lesser saw her mother back and found his back shoulder abrasion down, probably about 6 cm in size, their mother had a bad pain in my left breast, lesser hands touched, left chest discovered a rib seems to stick out.

Sent his son to buy back liquor argues that “mind Eraser drink”

13:40 P.M. day, defendant, Jin Zhu lesser sent his son to school in the morning, returning home en route to the area of the door to a shop and bought a bottle of corn liquor and drink in the salesroom, after drinking a bottle, bought a bottle of white wine in the 15:34 home continues to drink.

Jin Zhu: something that is blank, strange to me, for such a long time since I’ve been suspect, when police investigators questioned me, they said if you don’t recall your memories, I think, I can say that I can’t recall now.

Jin Zhu came home with liquor, till seven o’clock in the evening she died. This time both at home, behind closed doors what has happened? Jin Zhu has been the defence of the accused in the trial that he lost his memory after getting drunk.

According to forensic test results issued by the Center in Erdos city, Jin Zhu blood alcohol content of the accused is 276.410 mg/100 ml. In court, Jin Zhu confessions of the accused, drunk and not remember when he wake up to find his wife had fell to the ground again.

Presiding judge: when you see a bottle of wine, then what else do you remember?

Jin Zhu: I said this home head didn’t people, I on Shang to II floor, Shang to II floor of when I daughter-in-law, on in that bed Shang half lying with, on bust in bed Shang, half feet in ground in lying with, lying with yihou I put she helped up yihou, at she also conscious wants to with I talk said not out, with this foam, I said you is withering has, I with she talk, she wants to talk said not out.

Around death expert tribunal questions

The Court found that on April 6 at 6:56, defendant, Jin Zhu dial 120 emergency phone, Armey 120 emergency personnel arrived at the scene found no vital signs, by salvaged invalid and died. The Erdos public security centre for forensic identification, she repeatedly in the head died of intracranial hemorrhage caused by blunt force.

In this case, as defendants Golden column on the night of the crime, she was also beaten, in the identification of the cause of death said she was several times in the head by blunt force, then several times here said many times is a one-time, accumulated over a long period of times?

Expert: according to our lives reflect the judging, the injury is a fresh injury, so this fresh must be combined with the intracranial injury, and very closely, because the old injury with intracranial hemorrhage in this causal relationship does not exist, so that we do not consider old trauma and bleeding of the relationship.

According to the survey, Armey in the few days that cold lost fluids, and drinking on April 5, which is also the first day of the crime, infusion, and drinking behavior, and intracranial hemorrhage are there relationships?

Expert: we had during the autopsy process of extracting the dead she, did alcohol testing, test results are zero. And we’ve now figured out, comprehensive analysis reveals that the intracranial hemorrhage is caused by trauma, so she would have a transfusion, nor do we believe that transfusion is related to this.

Courtroom, she fell on their own fall or collision-induced blunt force also excluded by one by one. Integrated Court death identification and witness testimony proved that on April 6, 15:40, Jin Zhu beat Armey again, is the real reason for which she was killed.

According to the survey, accused Golden column in addition to the April 5, 2016, 6th consecutive outside the implementation of family violence, Jin Zhu Mei also has a history of years of domestic abuse, Jin Zhu final sentencing of the accused by the Court are also considering this factor.

Comprehensive Chamber Vice President of Erdos intermediate people’s Court of minor wulantuoya: we consider that this is intentional wounding causing death, and second, that he was the victim, since married to victims, domestic violence against the victim several times, some facts to consider in this case, we have the victim was a death sentence with a two-year, deprived of political rights for life.

Family memories after Armey was domestic abuse often choose to forgive

According to MUI’s family memories, Jin Zhu domestic violence occurs on just two people for the first time shortly after the engagement. One night, she cried and ran to the House.

At that time she accepted the advice of parents, sister, and agreed to a paraplegic, but a few days later, after anger subsided, she changed her mind.

May had a sister: when we selected here to be less, she selected for her reputation is not very well, then she is not a paraplegic.

Armey first domestic violence as a random event, Jin Zhu and decided to go to marriage. But in the first year of marriage, hurt more than once.

May had a father: marriage for more than a year, he played five times. The worst is what? He (Jin Zhu) father and son hugged, told us in the past, when very angry, put the five strips, give this to write, write to complain when books, divorce complaints

Armey’s father, a year after marriage, Jin Zhu five times atrocities as a section of the record, along with the petition for divorce gave Armey. But just like last time, a few days after Armey chose to forgive a golden column, to continue living with him, divorce things have ended inconclusively.

The people’s Republic of China Law on domestic violence in March 1, 2016, Armey why the journalist to die did not take up the weapon of the law to protect themselves? She and Jin Zhu disappear after each filed divorce what was the cause of it?

When Armey after the news of the death spread, everyone said he was surprised, and her Office colleagues said, did not know she had suffered domestic violence.

Armey colleagues: she said Jin Zhu (sound) to drink, but how to fight, how to fight, don’t tell, usually don’t say at all.

Face, child, fear of reprisal … … Armey living concerns

She seldom happened to mention home to outsiders, people familiar with her, she did well in the work, returned home under great psychological pressure.

Ah Jin Zhu students: she thought I was a journalist, and was very advanced, many of her awards. I wish I were home, outside what do people say? My family have been good, why didn’t she divorce? Is face.

Lesser was born, can give children a complete family, are supporting Armey in the marriage an important beliefs.

May had a sister: main concern is his son, had a son, she said that if I got divorced, the son from single parent families, would definitely impact on the way when she was growing up, this is a concern.

Not only that, she said to sister, Jin Zhu had threatened her if she divorced, is retribution for his family. Worried about their parents ‘ safety has become a worry most of her divorce.

Armey in a circle of friends information last updated wrote in “two people in the world, always a badgering, a smile, a noisy, coaxed, if one always loses, not eloquence is not good enough, just didn’t want to say the hardest.” Until she died, grieving relatives and friends realized that Armey is to preserve the family’s idea to pay a much greater price.

May had a sister: my sisters called on women from all walks of life of the whole society, not just for the children, in order to maintain the family regardless of their own, which finally led to this tragic situation, be sure to pick up the weapon of the law to protect their personal interests.

Passengers carrying 150 kilograms of ice fish from South Korea fined for immigration blacklist

Recently, some of the visitors through the carry-on baggage, carrying illegal entry is on the rise. Recently by the Shanghai port, intercepted a group of illegal carrying of iced fish.

Recently, the Pudong airport, inspection and quarantine in three Chinese citizens returning from Korea in the luggage carried by passengers seized more than 150 kilograms of illegally carrying ice fish, these fish are packed in seven in foam boxes, shape similar to the Yangtze River fish. It is understood that the Yangtze River fish because the number of rare, expensive.

Parties: they are saying that China recognized this, the Chinese came back to buy the fish and take something to eat.

Shanghai entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Immigration Commissioner hajie: because passengers carried a very large number of such a product, we gave him administrative punishment, this fine of 5,000 yuan, while against the tourists, we included in the blacklist, for his future entry and exit of the situation will be monitored further.

According to China’s relevant laws and regulations, foreign activities, fresh seafood and other may carry pathogens or cause biological invasion, with great risk, is prohibited.

Man strangled after two poison: never allow children living in one-parent families

Before the crime, Zhou Youzhang will buy sons of “plastic”, “cars” toys neatly in front of the window, according to local custom also a set of four bowls.

March 20, xuyong County, Luzhou Luo BU town tree village some peace, only the occasional sound of dogs barking, the villagers had to sleep. Just this morning, quietly with tragedy, 28-year old Zhou Youzhang left a suicide note, strangling two young son and then committed suicide by taking poison.

Zhou Youzhang was adopted, claiming marriage fails, does not want her two sons suffered from a painful, select the two sons “taken away.” But his wife, a crime until he is in debt to the wall is considered. At present, the suspect Zhou Youzhang has been controlled by police, is still in the intensive care room, case is still under further investigation. Legal experts say if suspects were salvaged, need to bear criminal responsibility.

Son of the poisoned man

Police informed

On March 22, xuyong County, Luzhou City Public Security Bureau official app platform “xuyong safely” publish information of the case, informed says: March 20, 2017 at 3 o’clock in the morning, Luo BU town, xuyong case, resulting in two deaths. The suspect Zhou (male, 28 years old, Luo BU town, xuyong) suspect and his wife love disputes its 5 years old and 2 year old son strangled, their use of pesticides suicide attempt, sent in the hospital.

Morning crime: two sons died and he was sent into ICU

Spring has come, xuyong, village night came early.

Son of the poisoned man

The night of March 19, Luo BU town tree village the villagers after toiling all day, comes home early to cook. Zhou Youzhang and her two sons, went home after dinner at uncle Zhou Zhengxiang House, flashing lights, it was Zhou Youzhang leave a last impression of the villagers.

About 4:40 A.M. March 20, more than 40-year old Zhou Zhengxiang suddenly were aroused by the phone, the phone is from Guangdong’s son-in-law, he said they were on the night shift, see cousin Zhou Youzhang in the preface of the letter were made by friends, said he killed his son, took poison, cousin could not get through, his father in the past. Zhou Zhengxiang turn up, picked up the torch run to nephew Zhou Youzhang’s House next door, but the home was dark and knocked at the door and no one should.

“Being bad! “Zhou Zhengxiang suddenly thought he saw Zhou Youzhang dug a pit in the vegetable garden this afternoon. He then came to the nephew of vegetable sides, torchlight, in front of a screen almost made him faint. “Zhou Youzhang lying in a pit, two arms holding her two sons, no sound. “Zhou Zhengxiang memories, then 5 year old grandson Zhou Jiayi had no vital signs, and her grandson Zhou Jincheng and tone. “He had blood on his neck, breath weak, but it can talk. “Zhou Zhengxiang play 120 with villagers, who come for help and rescue. They brought the three men back to the House, Zhou Youzhang whispered, “you don’t save me, save will save, I drank two bottles of Roundup and a bottle of three-step down. “After the doctor came, after first aid announced two children died, Zhou Youzhang was sent into ICU xuyong County people’s Hospital, police involved in the investigation.

Before the crime: sons to buy new clothes and toys

Relatives and friends recalled, two children were all wearing the first day Zhou Youzhang just bought new clothes. Villagers recall that morning of March 19, Zhou Youzhang riding a motorcycle carried two sons went out. When noon came back, the three men bought new clothes, there are a lot of toys. “Two children are excited, playing on the concrete floor outside the House. ”

That afternoon, Zhou Youzhang arrived in their vegetable plots dug with hoes, greeting someone, he smiled in response. “For no reason at all in the dig pit? “CHOW man doesn’t feel right, gave Zhou Huaifang migrant Zhou Youzhang aunt a call. Zhou Huaifang in micro-letter asked his nephew, Zhou Youzhang said to dig to find the dog teeth, sent out her toy play.

Chengdu business news reporter on the scene saw, Zhou Youzhang dug pit about 0.8 meters deep, about 1.5 meters long and 1 meter wide. Villagers recalled, in the evening, after Zhou Youzhang dug back home, uncle Zhou Zhengxiang and two sons to his home for dinner. The table, Zhou Youzhang also talked his way in Dongguan and knowledge, without any exception. After the incident, migrant workers ‘ aunt, cousins, cousins rushed back, found that Zhou Youzhang sons toy, home of photos neatly in front of the window, table, four Deputy dishes … …

Left a note: “never allow children living in one-parent families”

Zhou Youzhang

Zhou Youzhang left five suicide notes, explain a motive in the suicide note, his funeral arrangements and wrote a two-page letter to the wife’s swan song.

He wrote in his suicide note: “don’t curse me because I killed my own child. I love them (because the next day they will not be happy) “,” I will never allow my children to live in one-parent families “. He also expresses his own wife “love”: “don’t embarrass and Luo … … I am sorry for her … … 67, she also had a very bitter, don’t blame her…… “However, what he called” love “, two young lives away in the end. The crime at 02:09, Sun Zhou Youzhang friends to buy him toys and other pictures. 04:03, he published his final message: “goodbye.” Subsequently released, five suicide notes and preface of the letter.

A friends and relatives said, he got the news from the police the morning Zhou Youzhang’s while her two sons after sleep modus operandi, then committed suicide by taking poison.

His suicide note

“Don’t curse me because I killed my own child. I love them (because the next day they will not be happy) “,” I will never allow my children to live in one-parent families “. He also expressed his suicide note to his wife “love”: “don’t embarrass and Luo … … I am sorry for her … … 67, she also had a very bitter, don’t blame her…… “

Hours after being abandoned by adoption

“Eat home meal, put hundreds of suits”

Who looked up two sons live a better life

The name “Yi,” “JC”

Luo Jianglin remembered on March 18 around 19 o’clock, he was watching TV, Zhou Youzhang motorcycle coming. Heard that fathers should take them back when a two-day visit, two children was very excited about it. However, they do not know them, is death. After the incident, Luo family grief, the violence of Luo Jianglin fainting on the spot when asked in the face of police, assisted by friends and relatives of the family.

Zhou Youzhang was 28 years old, and his two sons, a 5-year old, a two year old. Zhou Youzhang, Chengdu business daily reporters saw a photo of the nearly 30 people, Zhou Youzhang list. But Zhou Youzhang didn’t was the child, but was adopted by father Zhou Zhengquan from childhood. The family later found a suicide note in, Zhou Youzhang abandoned his childhood, as the greatest misfortune, and said it does not want her two sons also experienced such encounters.

“Zhou Youzhang when young, have hundreds of meal, put hundreds of suits. “Week, friends and family said. Perhaps it is his bitter enough, he gave two sons to take the name, represents the hope of his heart. You say Zhou Youzhang, eldest son called Zhou Jiayi in the hope that he will have a better life, and through persistent efforts to achieve; the youngest son named Zhou Jincheng, hoping his future, don’t like him live a hard life.

He personally planned the dream, and was himself killed by him. Today, Zhou Youzhang xuyong at the hospital’s intensive care unit for treatment. And his two sons had become icy bodies were placed in xuyong County funeral home. Funeral home staff said, Chow two sons since the police after doing autopsies, no one came.

Life is individual

Anyone, including parents not illegally deprived of

Legal expert: recovery

Suspects bear criminal responsibility

Beijing Polytechnic University School of law professor, doctoral supervisor Xu Xin () thinks that such a tragic family tragedy is, alas, the suspect’s behavior constituted elements of intentional homicide. If suspects are salvaged, need to bear criminal responsibility. Xu Xin told Chengdu business daily journalist, life is individual, whether adult or child, including children, parents, no one can be deprived. Therefore, as long as the suspect Zhou Youzhang was not insane when the crime was committed, it shall bear criminal responsibility.

Meanwhile, Xu Xin attention to such cases called for the whole society, found signs of early psychological intervention to prevent similar tragedies from happening again.

Motive 1

Wife and run off?

Wife denies having an affair

“He owes money to hit people”

Zhou Youzhang vaguely revealed the emotional dispute with his wife in a suicide note, once considered wife led to the departure of its modus operandi.

Chengdu business daily reporter learned that, on February 14, the rooster is month, Zhou Youzhang’s wife Luo Xuelin (not his real name) to work in Dongguan. Since then, Zhou Jia female elders to find that things are not quite right. “She (Luo Xuelin) in micro-talk to me in a letter, said to the man home in Chongqing, that condition is pretty good. “Elders in weeks to show the app in the chat log, Luo Xuelin says:” start all over again? Returned to the head! ”

On February 27, Zhou Youzhang motorcycle heading for Dongguan to find his wife Luo Xuelin, the two met soon after a dispute. The afternoon of March 17, Zhou Youzhang riding a motorcycle back from Dongguan in xuyong, alone, went home the day his mother-in-law took her two sons back home, soon followed tragedy.

Zhou Youzhang modus operandi due to marital disputes, Zhou Youzhang’s mother-in-law, a negative attitude. Chengdu business daily reporters arrived at the House, whose father Luo Jianglin burning clothes of two grandsons, tisihengliu, “I got two grandsons good, didn’t think he would do that! ”

23, Luo Xuelin unkempt, very gaunt. Zhou Youzhang crime, she denied that Zhou Jia said it was because she was having an affair. “During the Spring Festival, he used to sleep during the day, to go out at night, we have been fighting. “Said Luo Xuelin, see family members out of shape, she and Zhou Youzhang plan to go out to work to earn money, Zhou Youzhang agreed.

“Not long later, he rode a motorcycle to Dongguan. “Luo Xuelin told Chengdu business daily journalist, met soon after, someone called the Zhou Youzhang yaozhang. Zhou Youzhang asked her for money, but she had to work in Dongguan did not make money, Zhou Youzhang allows her to borrow money. To this end, the two fight every day. About the seventh day, Zhou Youzhang demanded she take money to pay, after being rejected, Zhou Youzhang moving hands, she then left and never went back.

The morning of March 17, Luo Xuelin again received a call from Zhou Youzhang, Zhou Youzhang sent her home and said it would never hit her again. Luo Xuelin said she was frightened, but still put Zhou Youzhang tab by 900 Yuan in cash. That afternoon, Zhou Youzhang starting from Dongguan returned alone in xuyong.

Motive 2

Loansharking debt collection?

Relatives said he had a gambling habit

Have lost money to loan sharks

In the Chengdu business daily interview with reporters at the House, cell phone rings, is a provincial visit. Short of a man on the phone asked Zhou Youzhang’s home, said Zhou Youzhang instalment of their company bought a iPhone, overdue for days, neither payments nor answered the phone, asked Zhou Youzhang must repay as soon as possible, otherwise we will take measures.

Zhou Youzhang’s mother-in-law Yin Anxiu Chengdu business daily, also showed reporters a text message: “Zhou Youzhang our loans a total of 1650, 5 days late, due to fail several times, refusing to answer the phone, and refuse to pay, money … …” because of the shabby old cell phones, have been unable to view all contents of text messages. Luo Xuelin said that at the time had just met Zhou Youzhang, Zhou has a habit of playing cards, also threatened with if she is not with him, I will kill her family. She has not to date and Zhou Youzhang marriage registration procedures. Family elders confirm, Zhou Youzhang has not been particularly good relations with in-laws. But two children usually brought up by grandparents, Chou is also particularly fond of two grandchildren. “Zhou Youzhang used to live in his father-in-law at day care, then moved back and move back, repeated many times. ”

There weeks relative to the Chengdu business daily reporter on condition of anonymity said Zhou Youzhang does have a gambling habit, this is the real reason led to family disputes. “Most lost thousands of dollars, has no money to give, lend money (usury). ”

Another week relatives said, “and this time he went looking for his wife a few days ago in xuyong cards borrow 5000 money, people now plus interest is more than 10,000, perhaps desperate. ”

Yin Anxiu said Zhou Youzhang for loan sharks threatened, and later his father helped him pay off his loan-sharking, this matter has been confirmed by family relatives.

Luo Xuelin memories, she is accidentally met in the junior Zhou Youzhang. “When her daughter was only 66 years old, we do not agree with, Zhou Youzhang took her daughter to work. “Luo Jianglin said, on the other hand built, the old couple by default. Taking into account the poor family, they let Zhou Youzhang to their live. But Zhou Youzhang’s crops, basically they helped cultivate.

Chengdu business daily reporter Luo Min

Pentecost man dumps of molesting a 13-year old boy has been arrested by the police

March 21 at noon, Hengyang, Hunan province, a 13 year old boy schools in the town garbage dump near a middle-aged man molested. The morning of March 24, Hengyang Public Security Bureau personnel to the Word Press (www. Thepaper.cn) that the Hengyang police suspected men had been detained, the motive is not clear, the case is still under investigation.

On March 24, the Hengyang Public Security Bureau published the case informed the show, on March 22, the Hengyang Public Security Bureau received more than one user message reflect well the app platform near a middle school in the town of drug in the drink turned two students, after investigation, March 21, at noon, in a well near the town dump in a middle school in a child molestation case.

After receiving the police, well head police station immediately following investigation after questioning victims and witnesses, and quickly suspect Zhou (male, 55 years old, Jing TOU village people) captured, upon request, Zhou confessed to the crime of child molestation.

On March 22, Zhou was detained the suspects, at present, the case is under further investigation.

Hengyang Public Security Bureau the staff said, suspects have not been found to have a criminal record, the motive is still under investigation.

Haikou man keeping said son son bought a House can’t afford to sue developers check out

Father telling son says the apartment is not to refund

The Court: without a signed purchase agreement null and void contract ratification, convicted developer returned 50,000 yuan deposit

Southern Metropolis daily on March 23 on behalf of the father to his son bought a House, and paid 50,000 yuan deposit. Son after that to “afford” find what developers want to take down, the results were rejected. Rage, son take the developers to court.

Old man under the name son House

Son begs deposit has been denied

Li Daxiang, Haikou city people over six retired, he often went walking around the property, he wanted to give his son a House.

Son of Li Guang was a dutiful child, since after working, took 2000 Yuan a month from their income to father custody, over the years had put 50,000 yuan.

On September 25, 2016, Li Daxiang received a call from Haikou City real estate sales department sales consultant said the estate has been selling well.

On September 26, ran into the sales department Li Daxiang, son Li on that day on behalf of a real estate development company in Haikou city and the real estate purchase agreement was signed, and ordered Haikou City Plaza, building 3, floor 20-2006 and son Li 50,000 yuan of deposits paid for the purchase of the deposit.

That night, Li Daxiang happy deposit to buy a House to tell the home’s son Li, Li did not father expected excitement after listening, but said to his father, “Dad, my income could not afford this House”, after some consideration, Li Daxiang and his son decided to put the House back the next day.

The next day, Li Daxiang and Li Guang and his son found a real estate development company in Haikou city, request the cancellation of Li Daxiang replaced Li real estate purchase agreement signed by the company rejected.

Invalid without a contract ratified

Convicted developer returned 50,000 yuan deposit

After several negotiations fail, Li will be a real estate development company sues to longhua district, Haikou, Haikou City Court.

Longhua District Court through the trial, believes that Li Daxiang of the third party without the consent of the plaintiff, Li’s case, the plaintiff Li on behalf of a real estate development company in Haikou with the defendant real estate purchase agreement is executed by the contract with pending validity.

According to the 48th article of the contract law of the people’s Republic of China: “the actor without the right of Agency, beyond proxy or after termination of agency contracts on behalf of the Agency, without the agents ratified, the principal is not binding, the perpetrator shall assume the responsibilities.” In this case, plaintiff, Li Li Daxiang learned that the third party in its own name gold real estate development company in Haikou city concluded with the defendant after the real estate purchase agreement, expressly declined to ratify, and so the contract is invalid. Resulting contract, the two sides are partly at fault, shall bear corresponding responsibility. According to the principles of management of invalid contract, the defendant shall be returned to the plaintiff the deposit of 50,000 yuan. Plaintiff’s claims are factual and legal basis, the Court supported.

Longhua District Court made a verdict according to law, Li Li Daxiang confirmed a third person to the plaintiff on behalf of gold real estate development company in Haikou with the defendant entered into the real estate purchase agreement contract; accused gold real estate development company in Haikou city limit from the date of entry into force of the judgment to the plaintiff within the 10th Li Guang returned the deposit of 50,000 yuan.

(Figures in the text are not his real name)

Primary school students when school jump was beaten by classmates kicked testicles how imputation

Campus, two students fighting injuries, who should be liable? how should liability divided? Today, Cheng reported that the financial media reporters from huiji District Court heard that the first-instance judgment in the case, 64 schools hitting parents responsibility.

Zhang Xiaobao, Zhengzhou is a primary IV students. In May 2016, when school stand, due to crowded, Zhang Xiaobao to jump the queue in front of students Li Ziyu and Li Ziyu was not stepped foot, the two had an argument. Li Ziyu Zhang Xiaobao is then pushed and kicked his body. Then two classmates opening. Seriously injured, Zhang Xiaobao was taken to hospital for treatment. Zhang Xiaobao for 17 days in the hospital, spent more than more than 4,000 yuan in medical expenses.

Subsequently, Zhang Xiaobao parents multiple times to find Li Ziyu families and schools to discuss compensation issues. Due to the large differences, Zhang Xiaobao parents a lawsuit Li Ziyu’s parents and the school to court, claim compensation ordered the two defendants their nursing fees amounted to more than 7,400 Yuan.

Court Shang, Li Ziyu of parents debate said, this case occurred in class stand Shi students number more concentrated of narrow corridor Shang, itself this a locations on easy occurred Stampede, and body conflict, and extrusion, event, and at school teacher not in site supervision maintained order, also no found two people occurred has body conflict and timely stop and processing, led to two people mutual pushed fight injured, so accused school not do management and protection duties, should bear main compensation responsibility; addition, Zhang Xiaobao in stand Shi not comply with rules has queue behavior, There is fault, so their voice together Li Ziyu bear secondary responsibility.

Elementary school said in court the accused, weekly security education to the students of the school, the school has done its duty to protect. Zhang Xiaobao and Li Ziyu stand when playing from school, not part of the school regulation, it should not be liable.

To prove his point, accused primary school also provided the Tribunal with a copies of insurance policies and insured roster proved to cover students in primary schools.

Accused insurance company is debate said, this times accident belongs to burst event, school fundamental no time found and stop, school has do security education obligations, plaintiffs of hurt should by infringement people of guardian bear responsibility, and the company although bearing insurance has incident primary school of school responsibility insurance, but according to both of agreed, the primary school should bear has responsibility zhihou provides corresponding material to company claims, so the insurance company not should as accused.

Hui JI after hearing, the Court believes that without capacity for civil conduct causes damage to others, his guardian shall bear tort liability. Without the kindergarten, school or other educational institution, the personal damage to life, kindergartens, schools or other institutions of education shall bear responsibility, but could prove to do education, and administration of, assume no liability.

The plaintiffs in Zhang Xiaobao and accused Li Ziyu are accused students in primary schools, which are under 10 years old when the incident, are without civil capacity person, second per capita education, management and protection responsibilities and obligations.

As a pupil, itself is lively, and a lack of self control, self protection and rational, sound’s ability to resolve conflicts. Shortly after noon pupils stand in the present case, part of the time, prone to crowded, chaotic, slapstick, but primary schools are unable to provide evidence of the accused in its entire events do education, management and protection responsibilities, should take responsibility. Defendant Zhang Xiaobao Li Ziyu kicked the plaintiff, Zhang Xiaobao injured the plaintiff, as a direct infringer, his parents as guardians shall bear tort liability.

General situation in the present case, the accused primary school 60% of the responsibility, accused Li Ziyu guardians assume responsibility for 40% is appropriate. Hence in accordance with relevant legal provisions, the defendant insurance companies compensate the plaintiff Zhang Xiaobao medical bills totaling more than 4,248 Yuan; defendant Li Ziyu guardian award plaintiff Zhang Xiaobao medical expenses amounts to more than 2,832 Yuan.


Lively was a minor nature, and because of the immature, lack of adults have the ability to analyze, identify, judge, some minors Frolic by ignoring security, kicking each other collisions, injuries caused by sharp objects poking others cases have occurred.

This case is a typical campus injury accidents with damage compensation dispute. In such cases, although some children without hurting others subjectively malicious, but because of their behavior to each other and their families often cannot make up for the damage dealt.

To this end, as guardian of the minor child’s parents are reminded to be properly fulfilled their responsibility of guardianship, strengthening constraints on the child’s education, child discipline, do not engage in hazardous activities, playing scenes should be appropriate, avoiding wounding injury cases occurred. Also reminded as an education authority schools should also be actively assumed responsibility, safety education to students on a regular basis, timely detection and suppression of student risk behaviors.

Professor of Zhejiang University playing “live” with jokes about calculus class fire

Network diagram

(Xinhua Zhu Han) 23rd, at 8 o’clock in the morning, Department of mathematics, Zhejiang University, Professor Sood mine of the calculus class began as scheduled. Podium, nearly 150 students sitting neatly in the virtual classroom on your network, has nearly 5,000 early in the morning “drop-in” one after another “surge” into.

A tripod, a mobile phone, mobile phones are on the podium on the projection screen, mine so Sood his calculus classes moved into network broadcast in real time.

“When you love someone, you see in the eyes of his change, others have become constant, TA is the only variable……” class, Sood mine “mathematical texts” amused the students also live in the “Auditors” have “like”.

From February 27 to March 23, Sood mine has launched 29 broadcast. At least twice a week, all courses are between thousands of tens of thousands of people watched, one of the most popular class is more than more than 20,000 people watching.

Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact mine is a teacher of Zhejiang University, taught at Zhejiang University in 30 years, with the endless stream of mathematics jokes, establishing a unique classroom-style, by the students, by students as “mine Alex.” Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact mine opened the calculus course, places for only 150 people, it set course records at 3,000 people.

“Now students all love the Internet, networks can become very handy ‘ second class ‘. “Soviet-German mine said his network broadcast since last year, just to see if I can be used for teaching, student services.

“The advantages of network classroom benefits, without limit, live video can repeatedly playback helps the weaker students step by step to improve, also teachers, targeted to improve the teaching effect. “Soviet-German mine said.

Mine said Sood, on the Web, learn the heart of the student class, can also communicate with each other, discuss, “academic” not lose class. Live does not interact with the audience in real time, Sood mine still will smoke for an hour a week coming in live webcasts. “With the media, ordinary undergraduates can also enjoy the outstanding teachers of quality courses. “Friends” Puffer too, “said.

Prior to this, Sood mines have opened up on the Twitter “online class”, sharing learning experiences, answering netizens ‘ questions. “One person answering, they benefit. “Soviet-German mine almost every three hours to browse and reply to tweets, from 2013, he returns to mail more than 30,000, harvest fans reach nearly 80,000 people.

Now, to Soviet-German mine network classroom questioning in addition to Zhejiang University students, and college students from around the country, high school and junior high school students and even schoolchildren, he answers questions from math problems to life’s problems, or emotional problems.

“Students is difficult to understand the content, it’s easy to wander, attention is scattered, you feel more difficult to learn higher mathematics. “Soviet-German mine says this requires teachers know students present living environment, development and common language for students, and students become friends, to have good results.

Mine Sood said, and his high number of classes will be webcast, he also called for “drop-in” who don’t pay the Studio “reward” myself. “As a teacher, questions for the students and for students studying career and life path that offered little help, was most gratifying to him. “Soviet-German mine said.

Nanchang men to satisfy their craving homemade Sparrow trap

In order to satisfy their craving, self-made trap tool to capture the Sparrow, Lonchura 46, only to suffer in jail. On 24th, the reporter learned from the Nanchang Anyi County people’s Procuratorate, the Anyi County prosecuting attorney, and court order against illegal bird poaching the Wang verdict according to law.

The investigation, September 22, 2016 at 8 o’clock, Wang without going through special hunting permits, hunting licenses and other licenses under carry Skynet, a bamboo birdcage birds came to long Xiang Anyi County, 3 Skynet in long sections of paddy next to net catching birds, bird hit after Skynet was Wang into a bamboo cage.

At about 11 o’clock, Anyi County Police Chief Police patrols to long sections, defendant, Wang was arrested and seized birds, 46 birds are captured and set free. Identified, Wang captured 45 birds Finch birds in the genus Tree Sparrow, 1 birds for birds in the genus Lonchura. Tree Sparrow, is listed on the national protection of useful or important economic or scientific value of terrestrial wildlife list of Jiangxi province and the non-directory of wildlife, Lonchura Jiangxi province, has been included in the non-directory of wildlife.

After transferred to the Anyi County people’s Court in the case, Court Prosecutor charges according to law and fact finds that defendant Wang sentenced to criminal detention for three months, and bird shall be confiscated.

Prosecutors reminded the general public, the sparrows, frogs, geckos, toads, pheasants, hares and a variety of snakes, although not included in the national wildlife protection list, but it is equally protected by the law. Arrest of wildlife in sanctuaries or hunting, catch a () unlawful, arrest 20 () is filed, may be about to go to prison. Here, I call on members without trade there is no killing, protection of the ecological environment, we need concerted efforts.

Hardy brothers line chance of suffering from rare disease brother to brother

Brother’s brother is taking care of a hospital bed.

This is a hardy brothers. Grew up mother died, father home heard, brother was forced to dropped out of, 16 age began out working, 2014, brother Bian Gong side learn, got has college degree, also in a KTV Dang Shang has Manager, see days gradually good up Shi, 2015, brother suddenly double ear listening to not to has, to hospital check found for cranial within more crazy fiber tumor, second years, brother also appeared has also of illness, left eye blind, listening damaged.

Brother, Yang, 26 years old, brother Yang Chao, 23 years old, dazhou, Sichuan people. The morning of March 23, Chengdu 363 hospital neurosurgery, 10/f, 8 bed, my brother lying on the bed, emaciated brother sat next to the bed, stay with brother. Doctors use pen and paper to write down questions, the sunlight through the window, my brother see Word, sounds great to answer the doctor’s advice.


Within a year two brothers suffer from the same illness

Sitting on the bench, Yang twist together the two hands, he recalled, in 1996, the mother died, far in the field to raise money for the mother’s father had no message, no longer send money home, that year, Yang primary school grade six, the younger brother was only 3 years old.

Without sources, Yang was forced to drop out of school, until at the age of 16, go out to work to earn money, the first garage to go to work in a factory, then went to the composite plant, then went to a KTV in Fujian. At this point, the brothers also work in Chongqing, two brothers thought that the ashes when fate played a joke, in 2015, the brother Yang is at work suddenly found ears buzzing, can’t hear clearly, to a local hospital for an MRI found that his brain tumor, if left untreated hearing loss.

Subsequently, Yang do brain surgery on the right, cut off part of intracranial tumor, but Yang is deaf, hearing aid is useless, and his right hand started flexible legs to walk, so he lost his job.

Of fate and not over Spring Festival in 2015, working in Chongqing’s brother feet out of intuition, home inspections, only to find themselves and their brother, intracranial tumors.


Brother brother raised money to

In May 2016, brothers of the village as they opened a letter that read: the brothers have “benign bilateral acoustic neuromas” hearing and eyesight is very poor, walking very difficult, since no economic treatment, low maintenance, case, all are looking to help and care.

Thanks to caring people help, the brothers raised about 30,000 yuan of donations, however, how to use this money, my brother had an idea earlier.

Two brothers diagnosed, the doctor ordered the two brothers must be reviewed half a year, the end of 2016, to brother review time, but he did not go. He left money to his brother. On March 21, brother brother to Chengdu 363 hospital, found the doctor before, doctors operated on his brother. Yang Frank said, “our economy is more difficult, now brother ears can hear, stable condition, if cured he has ability to survive. ”


Primary school dropout grew up to work

In fact, before the illness, my brother in the struggle for life, Yang told reporters, he initially faced many problems and spending 1200 Yuan to learn computer applications for themselves, then he wanted to study, just signed up, started to work.

He was on the night shift at 19 o’clock in the afternoon and start working out at 3:30 A.M., according to the working conditions, sometimes later, Yang set his alarm clock at 13 o’clock noon Cook got up, to 14 points to reach school, wait until 18 o’clock in the afternoon after school, back to work, sometimes at home studying.

This is his day. Yang recalled, “the most tired of school exams and examinations to catch a piece of the company, remember the first time I participate in the Ministry of education, principles of management and Manpower, 47 points do not pass the test, subsequent examinations through their own efforts, has not appeared to fail. “Through his hard work, he finally got the University of Xiamen, a college certificate,” if not ill, I’ll undergraduate graduate. “Yang said.

The illness

Brothers all over a total of 9 tumor

Chengdu 363 Hospital Gamma Knife therapy room attending physician Liang Wenneng are introduced, the brothers are suffering from “multiple intracranial tumors of nervous fibers”, “tumor will continue to grow, patients require life-long treatment, we will try to control the tumor, avoid growing too fast. ”

It is understood that brother Yang Chao who share 6 tumor, intracranial, 5, are located in the left eye, left cerebellopontine angle, after the left ventricle, right eye, right cerebellopontine angle, there is a tumor in spinal canal. Brother 3 tumor body, respectively, in both the cerebellopontine angle and amount of falx.

22nd, brother Chao in the doctor’s help, by Gamma Knife accuracy-Ray treatment, killing some tumors in the skull base, and before doing surgery, brother has two untreated tumors. Brother Yang before treating a tumor, there are two cancer untreated. Such tumors are hereditary, about 2 incidence of 1 per thousand, if not treated, the tumor will grow bigger and bigger, press on cranial nerves, causing paralysis, coma, and even life-threatening.

“A review needs more than 1000 Yuan, surgery and hospitalization is about more than 17,000 yuan,” Man-kin can appeal, “our Department doctors to help them at the same time, also want the community to help the brothers soon. ”

WCC-cover journalists Ning Zhi